Kentucky Art Speaks

PYRO Gallery’s Current Exhibition

In Kentucky Art Exhibits on August 10, 2010 at 11:28 pm

Women Imaging Women Invitational

Guest Artists – Elmer Lucille Allen, Debra Clem, Mary Cobb, Rachel Cupstid, Rhonda Goodall, Claudia Hammer, Gwen Kelly, Gabrielle Mayer, Suzanne Sidebottom, Vian Sora, Liz Watkins, Neisja Yenawine

July 29 – September 5
Opening Reception: Friday, July 30, 6-9pm
First Friday Trolley Hops: August 6 & September 3, 6-9pm

In celebration of women artists and the 90th anniversary of women’s right to vote, Debra Lott of Pyro Gallery announced the invitational exhibit ‘Women Imaging Women,’ which opened July 30th, 2010.

Women Imaging Women will showcases a unique, eclectic collection of visual art featuring professional women artists specializing in a variety of media with women as content in their work. These women hail from all walks of life, cultures and generations and are accomplished in a diverse mixture of styles from abstract to photorealisim, practicing in an array of media including clay, fabric, mixed media, digital photography, painting and drawing.

The show hangs alongside of Lott’s new work and new series, Dreams of My Daughter, and new additions to her series that showcase women and children of all races and ages.

Dreams of My Daughter focuses on a visual interpretation of her daughter’s graphic descriptions of lucid dreams. The series incorporates two elements; (1) voyeuristic views of her daughter during dream states with subconscious images materializing into reality and (2) images of her daughter experiencing the sensations of common dreams. The paintings are large scale with realistic life-size figures and rich color schemes.


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