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Artist: Past & Present

In Artist: Present & Past on August 20, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Marylin Minter, Bazooka, 2009. 76 x 114 inches.

I saw this work at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, and it dumbfounded me. There’s too much to say about Marilyn Minter in this post. Minter is known for her interest in exploring the boundaries between high and low art. She is a truly phenomenal artist; I won’t divulge all the details in hopes that you’ll look her up, but a there are a few things I love about her work. First, her technique is unique, second, her work makes you feel self-indulgent just for looking at it – I love it purely because it is brimming with sexuality and luxury. Third, the work I posted is a painting. A PAINTING.

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