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Artist: Present & Past

In Artist: Present & Past on September 3, 2010 at 5:12 pm

John Currin, Thanksgiving, 2003

John Currin cracks me up. He often explores the history of figurative art in his work, and his paintings are so enjoyable to me because they offer comic relief in a discipline of the arts where laughter is unheard of: painting.

It is that and every other aspect of Currin’s work that is so essential to its success. His figures are ridiculous and provocative. His work reminds you of so much at once; historical paintings, mid-century advertisements, and contemporary politics. And to top it off, when you ignore the silliness of his work, you see that he really is a brilliant painter. All of these things combine to make Currin one of the most intriguing (and controversial) painters in contemporary art.


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