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Kentucky Art Speaks/K.A.S. Gallery

1860 Mellwood Avenue  Louisville, Kentucky 40206 (502)653-9305

Art, Yoga & More…

·    Yoga Classes

·    The Arts for Kids

·    Couples Art Workshops

·    Girls Night Out!

·    Art Exhibits

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene in 1955

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Always Moving….

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Glenn Lignon


Art tips for all Ages…. Great for Parents.

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Paper Craft

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Pablo Picasso – Drawing with light series for Life Magazine, 1949.

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Debra Lott’s Ingrained Icons is a part of her Earth/Women Series. In this piece she has juxtaposed the iconic female nude with components of wood)as a statement of society’s struggle with both her self image and her environment. It expresses Symbolic figures that are confined within nature as a reminder of humanity’s existence and dependence on that which nature alters.

Barriers and Lifestyle….Life is Loud!

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Hands and Arms Connected….creating something. 

“Life is Loud” Entry Deadline April 13th, 2012

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For the next few days, I will be posting images that represents the upcoming exhibit at K.AS. Gallery,” Barriers and Lifestyles….. Life is Loud”. Today’s image is a lifestyle of a culture.

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K.A.S. Gallery is hosting a call for art….Life is Loud! 

This image representing something we all will face. 

“The Simplicity of the Death”

Mariana Palova, 2007. Official Facebook