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Does Kentucky Know Urban Art?

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 4:06 pm

work by Os Gemeoes

Brazilian Artists: Os Gemeos

Crissa Candler is hosting an Urban Art Show at K.A.S. Gallery located in the Mellwood Art Center, starting on April 28, and ending on May 31st.

So in the upcoming months, I will be posting websites, images and videos about Urban Art. The term “urban” means “from the city” which is derived from the Latin word urbanus. It is associated with art that is created by artist living, depicting, or experiencing city life. The subject is often people living city life and also city buildings and transportation. Urban Art in its rawest form is graffiti. The term graffiti comes from the Italian word graffio which means “to scratch”. Graffiti is associated with gang related tagging of territory and a means of gaining attention but it is also associated with humans need to express themselves. Some of the earliest forms of graffiti are the tribal inscriptions of early man on stone hence, the definition “to scratch”.


Brazilian Arist: Alexandre Orion


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