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Lexington, KY + Art = LexVC

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Check out LexVc…

Lexington Visual Collective  mission is to provide a home, not just for the individual artist but for every artist in Lexington through an open environment in which to meet, collaborate, work and play.It is to provide consolidated resources and opportunities focused especially on emerging artists, to help them better integrate into the Lexington arts community and its supporting institutions.We aim to compliment the services of our local non-profit organizations, as well as the collegiate training of visual artists who are ready to advance their careers in and outside of Lexington.

You can find more information at and our facebook page,

Creative Director: Charlie Campbell

Lexington Visual Collective

754 N Limestone Street Lexington KY

Kentucky Artist: Charles Shelton

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Erotic Art by Charles Shelton 

Charles Wayne Shelton II was born in 1976 in Ashland, Kentucky where he currently resides with his wife, Vanessa. In 2010 his image “Knothole“ was selected by Erotic Signature to represent him as one of the top 200 erotic photographers in the world in its fourth annual collection which was published later in the year.

Charles has exhibit his art at galleries and exhibits across the country and in Europe including “The Dirty Show“ in Detroit, The Art Undressed Touring Exhibit (Miami, New York, Montreal, Chicago, and Los Angeles), The Kentucky Art Speaks Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky and the “Persona Art Festival“ in London. Shelton’s image “Pillbilly” has also been accepted into the permanent collection at the Kinsey Institute Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana.

Charles Shelton considers himself to be extremely socially conscious  and hopes that his best work captures trends, evolution’s of our culture, or at least in his small “Hillbilly-Chic” niche located in the Appalachian Mountains. His involvement with nude photography over the past 12 years has caused him to experience incredible persecution in a community that has historically exhibited signs of being sexually repressive. Despite the ignorant attacks and slander of others he has persisted in bringing  his visions and inspirations into this world. If you would like to contact Charles Shelton to find out more about him and his work you can email him at