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Kentucky Art Speaks/K.A.S. Gallery

1860 Mellwood Avenue  Louisville, Kentucky 40206 (502)653-9305

Art, Yoga & More…

·    Yoga Classes

·    The Arts for Kids

·    Couples Art Workshops

·    Girls Night Out!

·    Art Exhibits


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Debra Lott’s Ingrained Icons is a part of her Earth/Women Series. In this piece she has juxtaposed the iconic female nude with components of wood)as a statement of society’s struggle with both her self image and her environment. It expresses Symbolic figures that are confined within nature as a reminder of humanity’s existence and dependence on that which nature alters.

Barriers and Lifestyle….Life is Loud!

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Art, Yoga and More..

New classes and exhibits…even yoga at K.A.S. Gallery

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Just a reminder…..Barriers and Lifestyles:Life is Loud! 

Call for Art ends soon. Visit for entry info and link.

The Competition Winner will be awarded $500 cash prize! Entry Deadline: March 31, 2012 Entries must be original designs and include the name September Art Fair @ Mellwood & the date September 8 & 9, 2012. Limited and open publication of the poster design will be produced by Mellwood Art Center, which will own the design and related artwork. The design will also be seen on the back of many TARC buses in the month preceding the art fair. Click here for more details.

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Mellwood Poster Contest $$$

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It’s Urban Art….This is the last week to enter the concrete Jungle exhibit. 


 Duel, Tabriz, IRAN – Icy and Sot via CollabCubed

Art Flow…Free introductory yoga classes will start on April 18th and end May 9th. Last day to register is April 13th. Register now to reserve your mat. Classes will be held in at K.A.S. Gallery, you must be at 18 to attend. Open to all levels of yoga.

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Register Now…It’s Free!

See It Now: Mannequin Series

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Artist Statement:

I incorporate the form of the nude female mannequin in my paintings to serve as an iconic symbol. These hybrid forms reveal a parallelism with society’s cultural ideals. Their identical, clone-like appearance suggests a culture that persuades its members to conform. The compositions express a type of confinement: as a specimen in attempts to preserve youthfulness, undergoing invasive surgery to be physically ideal or manipulating genes at the source of creation – to reach cultural ideals.

On exhibit at the Mellwood Art Center in the Pigment Gallery, hosted by K.A.S. Gallery.

Call for Volunteers!

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Kentucky Art Speaks is hosting an art exhibit from April 25-29 at the Mellwood Art Center with the Kids Center

We need VOLUNTEERS to team up with a child to create art pieces for the exhibit.

All of the proceeds earned from the Art Exhibit will benefit the Kids Center which works with children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

 We Need Your Help!!!

Email us for more information:

Tonya Smith at and Linda Boice at

Since 1959, the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies has been helping children with special needs. Each week we see over 300 children facing challenges such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy. We help these children and their families discover the ability in disability.

Mellwood Art Center Now Has A Blog!

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Mellwood Art Center is located at 1860 Mellwood Avenue


K.A.S. Gallery is located in Mellwood Art Center, which is full of different galleries, cafes, and artist studios. Their new blog will be used to keep everyone informed about what’s going on there! Check it out at!