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Lexington, KY + Art = LexVC

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Check out LexVc…

Lexington Visual Collective  mission is to provide a home, not just for the individual artist but for every artist in Lexington through an open environment in which to meet, collaborate, work and play.It is to provide consolidated resources and opportunities focused especially on emerging artists, to help them better integrate into the Lexington arts community and its supporting institutions.We aim to compliment the services of our local non-profit organizations, as well as the collegiate training of visual artists who are ready to advance their careers in and outside of Lexington.

You can find more information at and our facebook page,

Creative Director: Charlie Campbell

Lexington Visual Collective

754 N Limestone Street Lexington KY


Frozen in Time by Tony Reding

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Frozen in Time

As an artist I am attracted to a vast array of graceful natural objects. These fascinating forms are very delicate in nature and it seems that the more intricately woven they are the better they are to paint. I enjoy painting on a larger scale because it allows me to show the intricate details and the subtle variations in color of the forms I am creating. I am often asked where my ideas come from and the answer to this is that my visual vocabulary blooms from my interest in photography. My later paintings reflect this in that they are not solely abstract. It is not simply the object itself that is visually appealing; at times it is the shadow that an object casts:

“A leaf is fragile as it blows in the wind full of vitality, but

eventually it looses this and falls to the ground. It thinks its

life is over, but it is not. The shadow hovers over it and

protects it. It knows how vulnerable and scared the leaf is,

and it knows how badly it wants to survive. The shadow is

strong, and it gives its strength away until its fragile

companion has life once again.”

I find the surroundings of an object also play into the mood of a painting. After changing my palette from vibrant blue skies, to autumn colored sunsets, and then to stormy skies I found that this alone changes the mood of a painting quickly. When painting an object I try to depict what it is that attracted me to it and how I feel through light, line and color. Much of the time I am drawn to bright, vibrant colors but subtle colors also have their place on my palette. These color variations are what have kept my visual walk through life from never tiring.

It is very challenging to try and paint a color’s mood. Color gives off an array of emotions and can influence the way a person perceives it. As a painter I have tried to create abstract images that speak loudly through the use of light, line and color. My images are formed from what I feel strongly towards. I hope that by creating these images that they have become frozen in time long enough for others to enjoy nature’s visual journey.


Toni M. Reding

Fun and Glass Art for a Good Cause

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Come one, come all to the glass carnival! Running from June 3 – July 30, Flame Run is pulling out all the stops for this fun-filled kid-centric glass art exhibit.

The show will include whimsical contemporary glass art such as Eddie Bernard’s alphabet zoo animals and Shelley Muzylowski Allen’s colorful jester giraffes. And what would a carnival be without ice cream vendors, balloon animals, face-painting, and giant (four-feet tall) popsicles at the Flame Run entrance!

Proceeds from the show (10 percent of all sales) will benefit Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Children are invited to an opening day kid-friendly reception from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on June 4. Steve Scherer will do a flame-working demonstration and Carrie Battista will do a hot glass demonstration.

Love/ Not Love Show at Revelry

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Kiss, original drawing by What KT Does on Etsy

Revelry Boutique-Gallery, located in Louisville, offers accessible original art and inspired goods from local and international artists.  Their hand-selected screen-printers range from local favorites to world-renowned artists, including Ty Kreft & Amanda Bishop, Madpixel, Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, CricketPress, Kin Ship Press, Sean Tully, Emily Adams and more!!

Revelry will soon be featuring a special group showing of new screen-print art pieces based on the themes of either “Love” or “Not Love”.  All pieces are limited editions, signed and numbered and are affordably priced at $100 or less.  They are celebrating with a Valentines Party to kick it off on Saturday, February 5, 2011. Doors open at 6 p.m. and close at 10 p.m.

Exhibits run through March 10.

Mellwood Art Center Now Has A Blog!

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Mellwood Art Center is located at 1860 Mellwood Avenue


K.A.S. Gallery is located in Mellwood Art Center, which is full of different galleries, cafes, and artist studios. Their new blog will be used to keep everyone informed about what’s going on there! Check it out at!

Revelry Gallery Opens Two Contemporary Art Exhibits this Friday

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In the Main Gallery, Louisville native Ezra Kellerman presents his new collection of contemporary conceptual drawings.  These large-format installations on reclaimed wood are built like poems or formulas with contrived and appropriated images assembled as symbols and metaphors.
In the REV Gallery, professional glass blower, Miah Hunt presents a new collection of grounded and suspended glass pieces.  This work explores the shape and flow of objects in nature and the effect of gravity on matter. William McAvinue co-exhibits.
Everyone is invited to come take part in the refreshments, art, music, and dynamic social scene!
Artists’ reception Friday, January 14 from 6:00- 10:00

See It Now: Debra Lott at K.A.S Gallery

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Debra Lott is a figurative oil painter and art educator. From January 2nd to February 2nd, she will be exhibiting her work at the Gallery. Come by and check it out! View more of Debra’s work and read her bio here.

Izzy’s Little Creeper’s – A Macabre Art Gallery

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Halloween is soon approaching, and Izzy’s Little Creepers is an art gallery dealing with everything macabre and morbid – they showcase art work inspired by Day of the Dead, zombies, autopsy sculptures, gothic paintings, specialty dolls, animatronics, as well as music by Sonic Epitaph, collections by Joshua Vance, Dark Creation, Linda Carmella, W. David Pollard, Dusty June and so much more. Located in Mellwood Arts Center, Izzy’s will be more festive than ever at this Friday’s Trolly Hop!